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What will happen in a Frankfurt FKK Sauna?

When you enter the club, you first have to pay the entry fee. Some clubs will also introduce you to the special service fee, even without request. Sometimes they will ask you, if you visit the sauna for the first time and if so, they will guide you around and explain the location and rules. After pay the service fee, you will come to a locker room, where you take of you clothes and change to bath slippers (provided by the house) and towel. Most time you will get a big towel and a small one. The big one should be wraped around your hip, so that you wear it like a skirt. Insider call this "Hessendress", because there is a rumor that this kind of clothes for a sauna comes from a old club in Frankfurt (Hessen) called Sudfass. You also will keep all your belongings in the locker room. Some clubs will provide a safe for your valuables, if not, you have to leave them in the locker room. Next you will enter a public area, most time equiped with a bar, screens (often with porn movies), sometimes outside area with pool and so on. Some times there are drinks or small snacks included in the entry fee, but most time alcohol drinks you have to pay extra. As higher the entry fee, as more chance, that food and drinks are included.

In a typical frankfurt Sauna FKK Club, the girls are not employee of the Sauna, they are also like "guest", so that the deal for any extra service together with the ladies has to be done between the male and female guest. This is not based on legal rules, it is only for the tax case. In the public area you can easily get in touch with this girls. When you have cleared the details with the girl, you can go to some private room together with her. In some clubs, like for example the sauna 40 club, the girls will even start to touch and blow you in the public area.

Most clubs will also provide porn movies or even a porn cinema, where you also can enjoy activities with the girls. 

When you finished the session with the girl, you will go together with her to your locker or safe and pay the fee. Yes, payment will be done after the session, not in advanced like in most other places!

Typicall for Frankfurt Sauna and FKK clubs is, that you pay for 30 minute sessions, so if you need 40 minutes, could be they will charge a second session, so better clear it and pay attention to the time while you enjoy the girls service. 


Rate for a typical Frankfurt Sauna Session

If you enter a Sauna FKK Club in Frankfurt area, you normally have to pay a entry fee (from 20 to 70 Euros). Than you can stay there as long as you like. The girls are not employed there and will charge their own fee, so you have to clear it with the girl directly. There is a standard in the frankfurt area, but not 100% sure you will get that rate from every girl. Most time a 30 minute session including french kissing, blow job and sex service will be charged with € 50,-. If you want to come in her mouth, most girls will charge additional € 50,- (some even want to charge this extra fee, if come on her body, so better clear the details). A backdoor experience will be charged with additional € 100,-. If you like to enjoy two girls at the same time, you only have to pay two times the 50 Euros fee. 

Tip: Be carefull with the time. Some girls will charge a second 30 minutes session, if you spend 35 minutes with her, so to avoid trouble, better clear it and keep a eye on the time. 

Warning: In most Frankfurt FKK and Sauna clubs, the girls will also get around 25% of the alcoholic drinks you take there, so could be they will push you to order expensive bottles, so better be carefull!

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