Japan Miss - Asian Girls Brothel in Frankfurt

If you like asian girls, or if you want to try out a exotic sex experience with asian girls in Frankfurt, you should visit Japan Miss. 7 days a week you will find around 6 asian girls normally from China. They offer also outcall. If you like to see some pictures, you can check out here.

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  • 20 minutes full service € 80,-
  • 30 minutes full service € 100,-
  • 60 minutes full service € 150,- 
  • FFM on request


Japan Miss

Adalbertstr. 7a

1. Stock bei Asia

60486 Frankfurt am Main


Phone: +49(0)162 3909500

Opening time

monday to sunday from 8 am up to 1 pm

Frankfurt Nightlife Guide checked: November 2013

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Comments: 19
  • #19

    John (Tuesday, 19 February 2019 07:17)

    Have you tried calling them?

  • #18

    Yo (Tuesday, 02 October 2018 02:47)

    I heard Japan Miss permanently closed. Does anybody know if this is true?

  • #17

    Local (Thursday, 17 August 2017 23:17)

    Some plain facts from a local:

    Decently run and clean brothel with Chinese girls. Expect an age range from mid twenty to mid thirty.
    Usually 5+ girls can be found there. As the advertised pictures are of course not real, it's hit and miss, don't complain about not matching pictures, you have been told, and calling in advance is pointless unless you are a repeat customer. Just go there take a look at the menu and walk out it you don't like it.
    As for the service: Be nice and you will be treated the same. I speak some Chinese which certainly helps breaking the ice. Communication problems are often a reason for bad experiences there as most girls do speak little German or English. Remember that Chinese girls don't like anal, go somewhere else for that. Chinese like their man clean and not to rough at the edges. Wash smile and enjoy.

    Open from 11:00am till 1am (if you try 8am you will have to wake them up and after 1am they will be tired and not in the mood).

  • #16

    Kim (Thursday, 18 August 2016 16:59)

    Meet a pretty sexy girl NINA yesterday. I spent one unforgettable hour with her. So fantastic! Never forget. Beautiful face. Standard figur! Asian babie girl!
    The service is also top. Wish to see her again.

  • #15

    Alex (Tuesday, 03 May 2016 07:58)

    how can people trust to have sex with any girls without condom .are they checked every day?or are they check all the person for HIV?

  • #14

    mpkm (Monday, 02 May 2016 08:06)

    Do they have Indian girls

  • #13

    Lee (Thursday, 04 June 2015 11:30)

    Yesterday was a great day.
    I vised 2 wunderful Young asia Girls, Mina and Coco.
    I see them and I was shure that I want both. Becaurse Mina and Coco are so sexy, so Slim, so super.
    So I invested 1 Hour with this 2 Girls and had the best hour in my live.
    One Point is shure, next time if I return to Frankfurt I will come back to see and feel Mina and Coco.

  • #12

    Coco (Friday, 17 April 2015 13:59)

    I just returned from an hour with her. This is something I have never experienced, just GREAT!
    Sweet seductive lips, wet kisses.
    Tender young skin with firm round breasts, touching welcome!
    Asian almond eyes, a super slim petite figure and a butt (sip, wow)
    At first she was like an innocent young schoolgirl, then curious and lustful and finally an erotic volcano. And her sweet Gekeuche and groans when I got fucked and her slender body trembled under my shocks with delight: A young slut, innocent to view and unrestrained Sexgeil.
    Highly recommended!

  • #11

    John (Monday, 30 March 2015 12:40)

    I wanted again a really sharp young thing fuck and touch.
    It is well known that man in the Adalbertstr. 7a in Frankfurt / Bock Home is the most beautiful Chinese women and Japanese women, ie there.
    And there I met Ani: A dream woman, young, slim, super sexy!
    That was real sex, no routine, Ani really in the mood for sex and she gave me to feel.
    It's great, I found that aufgeilte me after my first cum again and I so one more time, and then could no longer, fuck.
    Oh, all in a private atmosphere, almost like neighbors. And clean and neat, this must be so.
    I'll definitely be back!

  • #10

    Dieter (Saturday, 14 February 2015 09:24)

    a wunder!
    This girls are super, sexy, and take time.
    See in webside the pics and you will understand me.
    In reality they are nicer as on the pics.
    If you visit Frankfurt don't miss this girls!

  • #9

    Kiko und Sasa (Tuesday, 10 February 2015 08:21)

    Treamgirls in Frankfurt am Main!
    I was by Sasa and she was soooo wunderful, i cant beleave it.
    So i went 2 days later a second time, but she was not there. I saw Sasa and had a super hour with her.
    Both girls are so young, so sexy, so friendly, both gave me the feeling they need me and my body for sex. They are nature hot and they cant have enouth sex i believe.
    I calcutate the days till i return to this girls, because i want them ones more.

  • #8

    Andreas Zacharias (Thursday, 29 January 2015 21:35)

    After I read the last meening I have tested 2 Girls there.
    To be shure that they have time I came early at 14 o'clock. I select 2 Girls as Mr Peter has done.
    300Euro, much Money, but I realy want to test it.
    And Mr. Peter was reight!
    Miss chanel and Miss Yoko from Singapur.
    The Girls are very pretty and they made my very hot, geil and deeply finish.
    My Feeling was, they hade every time of the world and really fun on sex and on me.
    I can only give the friendly advice: go early, go there and bring time with you. And, not Forget, 2 Girls are better as one!

  • #7

    Peter (Thursday, 29 January 2015 21:18)

    It's wunderfull, it's wunderfull, it's wunderfull
    This asian Girls, this sexy joung Girls, this sexgeil Girls.
    2 hours with 2 Girls together: Holiday sweet 18 and Anna 23 jears sexpower. I'm so happy I feel so well!
    I pleased them to test how often I'm able to come.
    So the Girls maked me hot and finish and hot and finish and hot and finished.
    Course they are so sexy, so pretty, so wow, and here fingers so strong, I get ones more hot and I fucked them ones more.
    After the 3th time I was shure I will not longer able to stand my man.
    But Anna kissed me, Holiday touched me and after view minutes Holida rides ones more on my, and I was hard.
    Super, extraordinare!
    I have never thougth, that there is a differnet between one and two Girls. But It is, it is! Two Girls like them are a wunder, simply the best

  • #6

    Ralf (Wednesday, 28 January 2015 08:27)

    Die Girls sind spitze! In privatem Ambiente wurde ich so richtig verwöhnt und mehrfach fertig gemacht. Die Mädchen sprechen auch ausreichend Deutsch sodass wir uns gut verständigen konnten und ich meine Vorlieben erklären konnte. Und alle meine Wünsche wurden erfüllt!
    Es ist sicher, ich werde wiederkommen.

  • #5

    AndreasZacherias (Monday, 26 January 2015 08:32)

    5 top girls, i likes Nunu. She was simple the best: young, sexy, a top-girl. She takes her time and she makes me creasy. What a girl!
    I will come back if i have money, because i feel like her boyfriend

  • #4

    Friedrich (Friday, 23 January 2015 08:04)

    Joung and slim girls. Ich have taken Yoko, a topmodell.
    I kissed her, i touch her and i ficked her one good our.
    Ok, the girls are chinese and not japanese, but Yoko was really top. of cource, i will come back soon to feel this girl!

  • #3

    DrDresser (Saturday, 01 November 2014 08:16)

    They have only chinese girls. No japanese and korean girls. They lied to me and said the all girls are japanese, but since I speak japanese and chinese I found out that they only speak chinese, and they had to admit that they don't speak a word japanese but only very rude chinese. They are extremely rude and are lying and cheating to customers just to get money with the least service possible. I left right away without even wanting to try anything. Only one service Girl was there who was in my opinion not good looking and very rude and unmotivated.

  • #2

    disappointed (Monday, 22 September 2014 22:17)

    this place is a total scam. Not as avertised... Not even close. The lied about out service, then I went there and they lied about the menu for the price. Suddenly my guys is to big for her (flattered but really?!). girl get mad and walks out. comes back in with the Manager yelling. They offer bj only and 50 back after some back and forth. The girl keeps rushing to make me cum (still only 20 minutes into a 60 minute session). rushed ended, and no 50 dollars back.. terrible... not go...

  • #1

    kkkang (Saturday, 14 June 2014 03:32)

    i wanna have a korean or japanese girls right now but you guys didnät pick up the phone..

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