Things you should know to be safe

In germany monger around is legal, so very safe and secure, but there are still some things you have to know, if you enjoy the girls in Frankfurt. 

Raids and identity checks

If you walk around in the red light district, could be sometimes a raid will happen in one of the worehouses. If so, could be the police will check your identity. Could also be the police will check your pockets or bags, but as long as you have your identity card with you and as long as you have no drugs with you, you will not get any problems. 

Only street prostitution is illegal, so could be you get some trouble, if you are catched while you checking out a deal with a girl on the street. Please be carefull, because there are also a lot of civil policemen in this area, so not easy to be sure no police around. 

Cheating Bars

If you walk around in the red light district, could be guys or girls will try to force you to visit bars or clubs. If so, better walk on and ignore them. They will promise you a lot of hot sexy entertainment, but if you go there, you will have to pay a lot for overpriced drinks and you will not be happy with the service you got for it (most of this bars are in the Moselstraße). 

Beggars and street vendors

You will find a lot of beggars in the red light area, but most of them are organized groups from east europe and a lot of them also pickpockets, so if you like to give them money, better be carefull that you don`t loose more than you want! In this area you also will find guys - most of them from africa - who want to sell watches or jewellry for you. Please be carefull, because first most time it is only garbage, but you also have a high risk, that you will buy stolen goods, and that could bring you in a lot of trouble with the police, so better buy your gifts somewhere else!

If you have any other bad experience, not related to the locations or girls we listed here, please share your experience with our visitors: 

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    Mike (Sunday, 28 January 2018 08:50)

    Will the Shanghai site be up again?

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    Kevin (Friday, 12 January 2018 05:00)

    What happened to Shanghai Nightlife guide?

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    DoDo (Sunday, 06 September 2015 11:26)

    There are prostitutes on the street near fairground. Its "Theodor-Heuss-Allee" along "Braunfelsstrasse". Go there evening - early night.

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