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Frankfurt FKK Sudfass Sauna Club

Sudfass is one of the oldest Sauna Club Location in Frankurt. Opened in 1981 they had some redecoration, but it is not the most modern one in Frankfurt. It is one of the most famous brothel club in the world. There is a story, that even the rockband "The Who" tried to go there, but the door guide (a old frankfurt women) did not let them in, because they look too "rund-down". 

There is even a book written about that club: Rotlicht im Kopf. But at the moment only available in german language. 

Entrance fee: 

 € 25,- (not including food, drinks or special service)


from 12 am up to 4 pm, the entry fee is only € 20,-

from 6 pm to 9 pm, for three guest only 2 have to pay

Saturday: Bikini Day


Thursday: Lingerie Day
Saturday: Strapsparty, Live DJ
every Cocktail only 5,-€

But to be sure, better call them for specials, because while exhibition time, they do not offer this specials!


Special Service Fee: 

30 minutes Session (including full service, BBBJ, kissing) you will have to spend € 50,-, if you like CIM, you have to pay another  € 50,- and for the lover of the backdoor experience, the girls will charge additional € 100,-



60314 Frankfurt a. Main

Oskar-von-Miller-Straße 10

*permanently closed*permanently closed*permanently closed*

Frankfurt Nightlife Guide checked: November 2013

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Comments: 4
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    Translation below (Thursday, 22 May 2014 17:48)

    Right Translation from below :
    I went there because this FKK club is closest one from Frankfurt HBF. But It was very poor.

    Compared to other FKK clubs in Frankfurt, the admission fee is 35 Euro cheaper, but there was no food and no drink. But the thing is, there was only 8 girl, and none of them are beautiful and services are sucks. Also, facilities in this club is sucks so I can not take comfortable break.

  • #3

    C. Banks (Saturday, 25 January 2014 01:57)

    The sauna is close forever.

  • #2

    Kim (Sunday, 20 October 2013 00:40)

    다른 fkk에 비해 중앙역과 가까와서 가보았으나, 별 하나도 아까울 정도로 비추.
    입장료가 다른곳에서 비해 35유로 저렴한데 음식은 아예 없고, 음료는 사먹어야 한다. 가장 큰 문제는 아가씨가 여덟명뿐이고 그나마도 이쁜 아가씨가 없으며 서비스도 약하다. 또한 시설도 열악해서 편안한 휴식을 취할 수도 없다.

  • #1

    frankfurt-nightlife-guide (Friday, 28 December 2012 14:56)

    As we know, the lineup is not so great, very less girls at the moment, so without some investments for marketing and new girls, the club will not be something we recommend at the moment!

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