Strip Club in Frankfurt

In the red light area around the train station you will also find a lot of strip clubs and bars. In this bars you can watch girls doing table or pole dance, you also can invite the girls to come to your table and drink with you and in the most clubs you can also get a private dance or even a full service session in a private room. 

How it will work in a Strip Club in Frankfurt

When you enter the club, you first will have to pay a entry fee of around 10 to 20 Euros. Than you (and your friends) will take place and enjoy the strip show of different girls (and sometimes somewhere also guys). A strip club is not a place where you should go alone, so you will find a lot of men groups there, for example bachelor parties. Some clubs also offer a limosine pickup service for a reasonable price (for example the Platinum), if you plan to party there. 

If you like one of the dancers, you can ask a waiter to call her to your place. She will come and sit down beside of you just for talking. But for that they will expect you to order some drinks for them (most time they will ask for champagne). 

When you like each other, you can ask her for a private dance. For that you will have to pay between € 20,- to € 40,-. In most of the clubs you also can have a session in a private room (with much more service) for around € 150,- to € 250,-. Most of the clubs will not allow you to take out the girls and the girls also will get big trouble, if they meet a customer outside the club

Tip: If the club stuff on the street try to "push" you in the club, better be aware of this location. As more pressure, as more risk they will only try to rip you off with overpriced drinks. 

Warning: The girls will get a commission of the drinks you order, so if you don`t be carefull, could be you will have to spend a unbelivable high amount only for overpriced drinks ordered by the girls! So better check the menue. Could be they will order several bottles of champagne for sometimes more than € 300,- and the bill will rise up very fast!

If you know any Strip Club in Frankfurt we forgot to list here or if you have any experience in a club, please don`t forget to leave a comment with some details here.

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  • #3

    Teo (Thursday, 16 October 2014 21:12)

    my friends and I are french from Paris and we are planning to visit Frankfurt soon I just wanted to know what are the best nightclubs and tabledance around the area

  • #2

    Mash (Wednesday, 01 October 2014 02:00)

    Can I come with my wife

  • #1

    andres (Saturday, 05 July 2014 00:48)

    - if you think that every individual has some goodness in them
    - if you trust that we are all inherantly worthwhile
    - if you believe it's wrong to take advantage of people
    - if you assume kindness is a virtue
    - then don't go to the red light district in Frankfurt (especially if it's called La Paloma)

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